Business Overview

Many consumers are now using electronic cigarettes in place of traditional cigarettes. This offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in entering the industry. In addition to selling vaping devices, some vape shops also offer a lounge where customers can enjoy their recently purchased products.

Who is this business right for?

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are now opening vape shops, increasing industry competition. Successful shop owners are knowledgeable and passionate about educating their customers. They must enjoy researching an ever-evolving market and be dedicated to delivering strong customer service.

What happens during a typical day at a vape shop?

There are a number of duties you will be tasked with from day to day:

  • Interact with customers - answer questions and educate them on their options
  • Research industry trends
  • Network with others in the industry, particularly representatives of the manufacturers
  • Check inventory and place orders
  • Ensure workspace is clean
  • Administrative tasks
  • Oversee staff and delegate
  • Marketing

What is the target market?

Your preferred clients will be broken into three different groups. First, try to appeal to smokers who are considering breaking the habit. This will require more than educating them on the benefits of switching to e-cigarettes. Break it down and show them how they will save money in the long-run. Your second target audience is current e-cigarette smokers. To engage them as customers, carry a wide variety of quality products, at an attractive price point. Lastly, make sure your shop is easily located for vacationers. This could offer a steady flow of customers that many vape shop owners tend to ignore.

How does a vape shop make money?

Vape shops generate revenue from the sale of their products.

What is the growth potential for a vape shop?

This is a fairly new industry that flourished from its inception. For business savvy owners who are dedicated to achieving their goals, there is significant room for expansion across the globe.