Business Overview

A water refilling business produces safe, drinkable water for consumers. Normally, a water refilling business’s water is cheaper than retailed bottled water. Buyers can purchase pre-filled two-to-five-gallon water bottles or bring their own jugs.

Typically, a water refilling business has a refilling “station” which uses a kiosk to distribute water. Other water refilling businesses, meanwhile, provide water refilling stations for public spaces like museums, parks and schools. A water refilling business might promote the use of reusable water, as opposed to wasting resources. Similarly, they usually promote the use of reusable bottles, as opposed to disposable plastic bottles.

Who is this business right for?

The water refilling business is great for environmentally-minded individuals. It’s also great for those who have worked in the wastewater industry, handling water to provide clean, drinkable resources.

A good water refilling business owner will be good at making business plans. Additionally, they will be effective at finding suppliers, balancing budgets, and finding cheap equipment. They must also know how to conduct an analysis of the water, in order to determine how sanitary the sourced water is.

What happens during a typical day at a water refilling business?

Every day, a water refill business sources water for cleaning. Machines are installed, repaired and maintained. These machines can process water for redistribution. Water must be sampled to ensure that the treatment process went well. If the sampling results don’t meet standards, the business needs to check its machinery. Water refilling machines eventually distribute the water into different containers. These containers are loaded onto delivery vehicles which carry the water to different outlets.

Other daily responsibilities include marketing, management and financing. Unlike other businesses where marketing promotion alone can gather consumers, water refilling businesses require a little more perseverance.

What is the target market?

While residential homes provide great clients, you’re better off targeting commercial entities. Make sure you’re selling to larger businesses, as they’re most likely to buy refilled water bottles in bulk. Plus, they can redistribute them for your business—requiring less overall money to distribute your products.

How does a water refilling business make money?

A water refilling business makes money by collecting, testing and redistributing water. Normally, the water is sold in bottles. It can, however, be sold to larger companies for mass distribution. Some water refilling companies sell water filling stations for the home.

What is the growth potential for a water refilling business?

The water refilling industry is growing rapidly. It’s become a profitable business for entrepreneurs, and a lot of consumers are choosing refilled water because they’re turning away from tap water. Assuming quality control is upheld, a water refilling business can make quite a lot of money—even becoming a national distributor.