Business Overview

There are few things more important to a bride and groom than their wedding photos. Each photo takes them back to that special day surrounded by all their loved ones. The wedding photographer is an integral part of the process, there to capture the little moments the couple was too busy to enjoy at the time. Many couples also hire their wedding photographer for the events leading up to that special day, such as the engagement photos and engagement party.

Who is this business right for?

Individuals who have gained firsthand experience in the photography profession and are confident enough in their skills to venture out on their own will realize the greatest success in this business.

What happens during a typical day at a wedding photography business?

If you are considering opening your own wedding photography business, clearly define your professional goals and vision, both for the company and as an individual. Do you prefer to hire a staff of photographers or will you be out in the field, capturing those perfect moments? How active of a role do you plan to take in the day-to-day tasks?

Most of the events you shoot will take place on the weekends, leaving you the weekdays to attend meetings and handle office duties. While each day will vary, they will include the following tasks:

  • Meeting with potential clients to discuss their needs, the services you offer, and pricing. Once hired, you will often have at least one more meeting, where you will further discuss their vision for the wedding and additional photo shoots.
  • If you are not familiar with the wedding site, visit the establishment to get a feel for lighting and identify ideal areas for shots.
  • Prep for photo shoots
  • Travel to each location
  • Edit photos
  • Meet with your client to share their photos and identify which ones they would like to order
  • Send images off for printing and wedding book creation
  • Routine maintenance on photography equipment
  • Educate yourself on the latest photography trends
  • Attend networking events in the community
  • Develop and maintain your marketing strategy
  • Delegate responsibilities to your admin and team of photographers


For some artists, it’s difficult to maintain a balance between their creative tasks and administrative duties. If this balance is something you struggle with, consider employing someone to take on the responsibilities that disengage you.

What is the target market?

Your primary focus will be on engaged couples, seeking a photographer for their special day. This will often require you to attend multiple photo shoots, creating a photographic timeline of the engagement. For this reason, many wedding photographers are able to expand their services to include more than just wedding events.

How does a wedding photography business make money?

Your business will generate revenue from each service you provide. This includes: photo shoot(s), album creating, photo printing (includes editing), and meetings. Some offer their services as a package, while others charge a fee-for-service.

What is the growth potential for a wedding photography business?

This industry realized a higher rate of growth than most, over the last five years. Forecasts up to the year 2021 indicate an expected annual growth rate of 3%. These patterns express the maturity of the industry and ability to grow, with high market demand, regardless of the health of the economy.

Your business’ growth will, ultimately, be defined by the effort you put into building it, as well as the demand in your area. Before opening your business, research the photographers in your area. What are their specialties? How does your style stand out from the competition? If you have a team of photographers, what makes their style unique?