Business Overview

A whirlyball business provides the public with an opportunity to have fun, build relationships, and improve their hand-eye coordination. Whirlyball is a team activity that is best described as a unison of basketball, jai alai, hockey, and lacrosse along with bumper car-esque whirlybug vehicles. Players form teams to compete against one another in hectic and incredibly fun whirlyball action.

Who is this business right for?

This business is ideal for individuals who are looking for a way to promote a sense of community and to help people stay active and have fun. Whirlyball games promote social interactions, involve physical activity, and provide plenty of excitement. This is the type of business that can bring a community together and establish or reinforce social bonds.

What happens during a typical day at a whirlyball arena?

The typical day involves the scheduling of whirlyball matches, ensuring whirlybug vehicles are in tip-top shape, collecting payments and overseeing the whirlyball action. The business owner does everything from ordering new whirlyball equipment to delegating work to employees, managing marketing efforts, and ensuring participants are having a blast during whirlyball games.

What is the target market?

The target market is wide-ranging. It includes youngsters as well as people who work and belong to organizations and groups of varying sorts. As an example, plenty of corporations rent out whirlyball courts as an opportunity for professionals to engage in a team-building exercise.

How does a whirlyball arena make money?

The business makes money by charging customer for every half hour or hour of play. It is also possible for customers to rent out whirlyball courts for an extended period of time. Plenty of customers reserve whirlyball courts for matches between their professional colleagues, friends, youth groups, family members, and other groups.

What is the growth potential for a whirlyball arena?

Whirlyball originated back in the 1960s yet it never hit a true mainstream tipping point. Whirlyball courts are beginning to pop up across the country. Whirlyball appeals to those who are looking for a way to enjoy a fun and competitive activity with others. Whirlyball will likely continue to grow in the coming years and decades as more people are exposed to it. A businessperson who launches a whirlyball business will likely make a substantial profit that creates the opportunity to open an one or several more whirlyball courts.