Business Overview

A whitewater rafting business helps customers navigate rough waters by supplying them with the equipment and/or the guides they need to safely head down the river.

Who is this business right for?

Those who love showing people a good time outdoors. Whitewater rafting is made for the adventurous, but not everyone realizes that they don't have to be an expert paddler to successfully steer. A good owner makes whitewater rafting accessible to practically anyone and finds a way to deliver a quality experience no matter the odds.

What happens during a typical day at a whitewater rafting business?

The majority of the day is spent scheduling tours, completing river runs, and transporting customers to and from their destinations. Owners may give the tours, coordinate supplies, interface with customers and employees, or manage schedules.

What is the target market?

The target market can be huge for whitewater rafting, especially in tourist cities. Families or visitors looking for activities while on vacation will make up a large portion of your profits, but you may also receive business from die-hard water rafters who are looking to challenge themselves on the next big run.

How does a whitewater rafting business make money?

Whitewater rafting businesses charge customers to either rent their equipment or take their tours. Equipment may include anything from kayaks to helmets, usually lend out per piece rather than as a package. Tour prices typically include all the gear a customer would need plus a tour guide, so owners will price the excursions based on demand, labor, and cost of equipment.

What is the growth potential for a whitewater rafting business?

Growth potential can be solid for a whitewater rafting business — it's a fun activity that can never be outsourced. While there may be saturation in certain areas, owners may be surprised at how they can create demand in more rural areas just by offering a quality product.