Business Overview

A wind chime business will typically sell different kinds of chimes made from a variety of materials. Wind chime can be sold online, in retail stores and kiosks, or in an exclusive proprietary shop.

Who is this business right for?

The business owner should have an appreciation and passion for how certain sounds can calm the rest of the senses. There’s a subtle shift in mood that can occur when people hear a gentle tinkle, which can really help a business owner connect with their product. Their understanding can make it easier to promote and sell to other people who may not be as familiar with the more therapeutic side of wind chimes.

What happens during a typical day at a wind chime business?

Wind chime business owners will usually make what they sell and spend most of their time working on new designs. Those who choose to stock other artists' wind chimes will likely spend their days negotiating and coordinating those purchases. Both types of business owners will need to devote time to fulfilling orders, handling customer complaints, and taking care of various administrative tasks (e.g., business permits, insurance, etc).

What is the target market?

The target market can be anyone. While wind chime may be more popular in certain parts of the US than others, there are ways to create demand in practically all socio-economic groups around the country.

How does a wind chime business make money?

Business owners set a profit margin on their wind chime based on the time and materials it cost them to make.

What is the growth potential for a wind chime business?

Growth potential can be excellent for wind chime owners, though it may take some time to spark new demand in (what is considered) an outdated technology.