Business Overview

Window installation and repair businesses outfit residential and commercial structures with new or replacement windows and related parts. Especially for today’s energy conservative and efficient world, new windows are essential to maintaining a low carbon footprint. Either as an independent business entity or as a sub-contractor for larger window retailers, the bulk of the business will revolve around new window installs and replacements.

Who is this business right for?

If you have construction experience or have worked in window sales, you may be an ideal candidate to open a window install and replacement business. Having knowledge in the product, the installation process, and necessary carpentry skills, or all three, will help a new entrepreneur immensely. Good customer service and personability is also an important trait for a successful start up business owner.

What happens during a typical day at a window installation and repair business?

For most window installation and replacement businesses, day to day work revolves around estimations of damage and warranty coverage, actual window installation, customer service before and after the job is complete, devising and implementing business marketing techniques, and contacting new and potential customers, either through referral, customer contact via website or email, or direct service requests from authorized window retailers.

What is the target market?

Depending on if you choose to perform residential or commercial services, you will be targeting new construction and remodels within each sector. If you are able to become a sub-contractor for a larger building company or a window retail company, your target market may shift a bit to be more focused on the companies that are sub-contracting you. Overall, make sure you are always presenting a professional image for your business and services.

How does a window installation and repair business make money?

For each window replaced or newly installed, the customer is charged the price of the window and labor costs for installation. If working as a subcontractor for a window retailer as a repair specialist, the retailer’s warranty pays for your services, as well as the cost of the window for the consumer.

What is the growth potential for a window installation and repair business?

Window installation and replacement is a profitable and steadily growing industry. With homebuilding on an upswing, the need for qualified and licensed window specialists continues to grow. Additionally, many consumers are looking to replace older windows for more energy efficient models, which ensures window installers have multiple growing aspects within their industry.