Business Overview

A window washing business cleans residential, commercial, and institutional windows on a retained or per-assignment basis. As the owner of a window washing business, you’ll be responsible for recruiting clients and washing the windows—on a one-time or regularly contracted basis—of residences, apartment complexes, storefronts, colleges and universities, funeral homes, car dealerships, and other properties—potentially just about any structure that contains windows. You can start your business alone or buy into a franchise operation for its experience and support. Some window washing businesses specialize in high rise window cleaning, but this involves a much larger capital outlay for equipment, training, marketing, and insurance.

Who is this business right for?

This is a service business, so you should have an instinct for salesmanship and a commitment to superior customer service. You should also be good at managing people, since you might have at least a few employees.

What happens during a typical day at a window washing business?

Your typical day might include the following activities.

  • Cold-calling or otherwise attracting new business and marketing your services
  • Scheduling appointments for cost-quoting or washing windows, scheduling employees, and handling on-the-job problems or challenges
  • Buying supplies, renting equipment, invoicing clients, and otherwise conducting day-to-day operations

What is the target market?

Anyone within your area of operations who owns or manages real estate with windows is a potential client, but those who’d like to maintain the appearance of their properties are your primary customers. This can include homeowners as well as commercial and institutional property owners. The demographic makeup of your geographic location will help define your primary client base.

How does a window washing business make money?

You’ll either price your window washing and associated services on a per-pane, per hour, or per-employee-hour basis. You might also offer monthly contracts on a flat fee basis.

What is the growth potential for a window washing business?

Your success will only be limited by the competition in your area, the number of potential clients out there, and your sales and marketing efforts and proficiency.