Business Overview

A Zumba studio provides customers a safe and fun place to get fit. It offers trademarked Zumba dance fitness classes, which combine various acrobatic and dance movements, including salsa, mambo, and hip hop. Classes can be hosted at an established gym or a dedicated Zumba studio.

Who is this business right for?

To run a successful Zumba studio, you must be dedicated to consistently delivering quality classes to your students. You must be passionate about helping your students reach their fitness goals and motivating people through dance.

What happens during a typical day at a zumba studio?

Many Zumba instructors get their start teaching classes at large gyms that offer a multitude of different fitness classes. With the popularity of Zumba on the rise, however, many entrepreneurs are finding greater success opening a “boutique studio.” Your day-to-day activities will vary, depending upon which route you take.

Daily tasks include:

  • Preparing for upcoming classes - learning choreography, picking music, and practicing
  • Making sure the studio is safe, clean, and comfortable
  • Teaching classes
  • Hosting and/or attending community events
  • Market your business and network within the community
  • Attend Zumba conferences, building on your education and certification

Once your business has reached its short-term growth goals, consider expanding your team to include someone to handle administrative duties. This will ensure you’re able to focus on the parts of the business you’re most passionate about.

What is the target market?

There are a surprising number of individuals within your community who are willing to pay to sweat it out learning new dance steps. The target market for a Zumba studio is all-encompassing, offering a number of great marketing opportunities.

Potential clients include:

  • Children
  • Individuals with health issues
  • Corporations who are dedicated to facilitating healthy living for their workforce
  • Sport clubs
  • College students
  • Fitness gurus who are seeking variety in their workout regimen

Once you’ve identified the audience(s) you wish to cater to, you can begin to build a marketing strategy that will successfully reach this market.

How does a zumba studio make money?

When teaching at a gym, you will generally be paid a flat rate, regardless of how many students attend your class. Dedicated Zumba studios charge per student, for each class that they attend. Many Zumba studios offer class packages to ensure student retention.

What is the growth potential for a zumba studio?

While most new business ventures take an average of three years to turn a profit, many Zumba business owners have realized accelerated growth. By the end of the first year, many have been able to reinvest a portion of their profits, opening several additional locations in their region.