Business Overview

Assisted living centers play a vital role in caring for the elderly and the disabled. These facilities house senior citizens and others in need of help due to mental or physical problems. Assisted living facilities provide a communal environment for patients to live in and enjoy. In many instances, such patients are unable to take care of themselves at home so they choose to live in an assisted living facility where they can obtain assistance from professional caregivers around the clock.

Who is this business right for?

This business is ideal for those who are interested in medicine, caregiving, and generally improving the human condition. If you are especially compassionate toward the disabled and elderly, opening and operating an assisted living facility will prove to be quite rewarding.

What happens during a typical day at an assisted living facility?

Assisted living facility owners perform a wide range of duties each day. They do everything from ordering medical supplies to ensuring compliance standards are met, interviewing job candidates, and reviewing applications for residency.

What is the target market?

Most assisted living facilities house as many in need as they can reasonably accommodate.  However, younger patients can be ideal, as younger patients are more likely to remain in the facility for years to come. The passing of a patient can be extremely difficult emotionally, and an extended stay in the facility is a consistent source of income.

How does an assisted living facility make money?

Assisted living facilities make money by charging residents a fee for staying in the facility. This cost is applied on a per-month or per-year basis.

What is the growth potential for an assisted living facility?

The growth potential depends on the quality of the assisted living facility's condition and level of care. Another critically important factor in terms of growth potential is location. An assisted living facility located in an area with a large population of senior citizens will have considerable growth potential.