Business Overview

A baby store sells clothing, furniture, toys, food, and accessories geared toward young children and their family. Your store may be a big box location that offers affordable items targeted at the majority of families or a boutique featuring unique designs and products with a higher purchase price. You may offer a baby shower registry, support services for new parents, and even rental equipment.

Who is this business right for?

If you enjoy working with families and children, and also relish the challenge of maintaining a retail establishment, you may enjoy operating your own baby boutique. Business management will be a large part of your day, so the right person will have some solid knowledge or experience in that area.

What happens during a typical day at a baby store?

When you run your own baby store, you will be:

  • Matching customers to the right product that fits their style, budget, and needs
  • Completing sales
  • Finding new products for your shelves by curating new vendors and product lines
  • Hiring and training sales staff
  • Balancing your books
  • Maintaining the store--keeping it clean and in good shape
  • Creating marketing campaigns that generate new interest among the community
  • Setting up your own online store which requires a wrapping and shipping station
  • Creating attractive displays in the store that helps your customers find the items for which they are looking
  • Working weekends and extended hours, especially during holiday periods

What is the target market?

Anybody who is expecting a baby, has a child, or knows somebody with children. While more profit per item can be made with a more upscale boutique, a budget friendly store will always be in high demand. Practically the entire world is your potential customer base.

How does a baby store make money?

You will be purchasing your products at a wholesale rate from a variety of manufacturers and distributors. You earn a profit by selling them at a retail rate.

What is the growth potential for a baby store?

If you should develop a unique shopping atmosphere with a selection of products that your customers can't get enough of, it is possible to expand your hugely successful single storefront to a second or multiple locations. Since people will always have babies, there is always room in the market for a fresh look at baby stores. Your commitment to style, price, service, and selection will determine your future success in this business.