Business Overview

For many, beekeeping starts as a hobby. It doesn’t take them long, however, to realize what a fascinating and fulfilling career it can be. Beekeeping isn’t just about collecting honey; it’s about getting to know your bees, their behaviors, and their response to the natural environment around them. How rewarding would it be to parlay your passion into a career?

Who is this business right for?

While beekeeping is an edifying career, it’s also a lot of work. If you’re passionate about being at one with nature, and thrive on continuously learning and growing, beekeeping can be a wonderful business to enter.

What happens during a typical day at a beekeeping business?

Since you can only collect honey from your hives during certain times of the year, your daily activities will vary from season to season. Beekeeping is a form of animal husbandry, so you will spend time providing feed when nectar and pollen supplies are low, preventing infections and parasitic mites, and minimizing the effects of Africanized bees.

When available, you’ll collect honey and honeycomb, turning them into products such as lotion and chapstick. Since this is a very unique profession, you’ll also want to spend a good deal of time marketing, and looking for new opportunities to make a name for yourself and your products.

What is the target market?

You’ll have two different types of customers - those that purchase honey, and those that purchase beeswax products. When first starting out, individual sales will be your bread and butter. As you make a name for yourself within the community, you’ll want to target larger customers. Restaurants and health food stores have the ability to purchase your products in bulk, making the sales process easier.

How does a beekeeping business make money?

Your beekeeping business will earn a profit through the sale of honey and other bee-related products. Depending on their location and demand, some beekeepers also rent out their bees for commercial crop pollination.

What is the growth potential for a beekeeping business?

Your business’ growth is heavily dependent on the size of land you have to work with. The more space you have, the more bees you’re able to tend to. More bees equals greater yield.