Business Overview

A body waxing salon business provides body hair removal services. Though women tend to patronize these salons most frequently, body waxing is quickly going mainstream for all genders.

Who is this business right for?

This business is ideal for an individual who is looking for a way to make money while improving the well-being, confidence, and beauty of others.

What happens during a typical day at a body waxing salon?

Body waxing salons provide hair removal services throughout the day. Employees schedule body hair removal sessions, remove body hair from patients, clean the facility, and interact with customers. The owner and/or manager of the body waxing salon oversees employees, delegates work, handles marketing duties, and researches new body hair removal equipment and supplies.

What is the target market?

In general, teenagers and those in their twenties or thirties are most interested in body hair removal. Most customers will need periodic waxings, so you will likely have many return customers.

How does a body waxing salon make money?

This business makes money by charging customers for sessions in which body hair is removed.

What is the growth potential for a body waxing salon?

This business is growing quite rapidly. According to IBIS World, the body hair removal industry revenue was nearly $600 million in 2015. This organization projects a three percent annual industry growth rate. Plenty of people are on the prowl for a body waxing service that removes hair from all over the face and body. This spiking interest in body hair removal creates the potential for rapid expansion. It might even be possible to expand to a second location and eventually set up body waxing salons across the state or region.