Business Overview

Terrorism around the world has skyrocketed since 2011, with well over 10,000 terrorist incidents occurring annually since then. People who are especially likely to be targets of terrorist acts frequently look for extra protection, and they turn to bodyguard businesses.

Bodyguard businesses may provide an array of close protection services. Some offer protection only during special events, while others offer around-the-clock protection anywhere in the world. For many that work with celebrity clients, dealing with paparazzi can also be part of the job.

Who is this business right for?

Many people who get into the close protection industry have prior experience in security, law enforcement, or armed forces. Prior experience in these areas provides a lot of the firearm and self-defense training that’s needed, and it impresses potential clients.

Knowing how to use a firearm and fight aren’t all that bodyguards must be able to do, however. They also must have strong situational awareness and excellent interpersonal communication skills, for avoiding incident is the best way to keep clients from being harmed, highlighted in the tabloids or sued.

What happens during a typical day at a bodyguard business?

Bodyguards spend a lot of time in close proximity with their clients. While offering protection, they follow clients most anywhere they go. At all times, bodyguards must be ready to step in on a moment’s notice and keep their client safe.

When not providing protection for clients, business owners may be recruiting additional bodyguards, meeting with current and prospective clients, arranging training sessions for staff, and marketing their business. Most of this work is normally done from a commercial office.

What is the target market?

There are many people who may need close protection services. Bodyguards work for celebrities, business people, and politicians. In some areas, they also protect journalists and activists.

How does a bodyguard business make money?

A bodyguard business makes money by charging clients for the close protection services they need. Clients might want protection for a single event, a prolonged period of time, or on an ongoing and indefinite basis.

What is the growth potential for a bodyguard business?

A bodyguard business may be a local business run by a single business owner, or it can grow into a multinational corporation with lots of employees. Chestnut Street Security, Inc. is an example of a smaller security company that offers close protection services. Risks Incorporated is a larger company with services in 10 major cities around the world.