Business Overview

Many people and businesses enjoy having decorations during the holiday season. Not everyone, however, likes decorating or is physically able to. Christmas lights installation businesses provide holiday decorating services for individuals and businesses who want or need assistance with the put-up and take-down of lights and other decorations.

Who is this business right for?

Many Christmas lights installation businesses are started by painters, landscapers and other contractors who have a slow period around the holidays. The holiday decorating season is extremely short, lasting only a few months at the most, so it’s difficult to run a stand-alone Christmas lights installation business that offers no other services during the rest of the year. Such a business, however, is a potentially lucrative sideline business that can complement other seasonal businesses, such as exterior painting and landscaping.

What happens during a typical day at a christmas lights installation business?

The daily activities of a Christmas lights installation business revolve around the holiday decorating season. The season for actually displaying lights usually runs from Thanksgiving through the first week of January. The work involved extends beyond both these dates, though:

  • Leading up to the season, representatives help customers design their displays and crews test lights to make sure they’re working properly.
  • Through November and the first week of December, crews install light displays.
  • From Thanksgiving through the first week of January, crews service any lights that break or go out.
  • After the first week of January, crews take down lights and put them in storage.

Because there are only a few weeks to get as many light displays up as possible, Jim Berns of Michigan-based Berns Landscaping Services, Inc. recommends starting to put displays up soon after Halloween. Displays can be installed but not turned on. When customers want them turned on, a technician can come and set the timerswhich takes much less time than putting in an entire display. This helps businesses serve as many customers as possible in the week or two after Thanksgiving, which is when most customers want to start turning on their lights.

What is the target market?

While most Christmas lights installation businesses have lots of residential customers, a business’ ideal customer is another business. Businesses frequently are willing to spend more on displays than individuals are able to, and most businesses don’t have employees to install lights for them. Lots of individual homeowners prefer install their own lights, making individual homeowners a less reliable source of regular business.

How does a christmas lights installation business make money?

A Christmas lights installation business makes money by charging customers for to install, service and take down decorative lights during the holiday season. Most customers are given individual quotes based on the size and complexity of their display.

What is the growth potential for a christmas lights installation business?

Most Christmas lights installation businesses start out small, serving just a local area. Several, however, grow to have franchises throughout a region or across the country. For example, Chris Fischer grew a Christmas lights installation business that had one location into a franchise that has 21 franchise locations and plans on opening 10 more. (Fischer’s business also offers window-washing services.) Christmas Decor is a national business that works with local decorators in 48 different states. One decorator the company works with is the Christmas Decor of NJ by Triple R Lighting.