Business Overview

Countertops are difficult to install. More importantly: They’re heavy. It takes professional skill, planning, and tools to install, remove, or repair a countertop. Because the homeowner decides on a countertop’s style, materials, and installation needs, services geared towards custom schedules are incredibly valued. Normally, countertop business operators are incredibly skilled maintenance workers. They understand home repairs, style needs and safety requirements.

Who is this business right for?

Skilled craftsmen flock to countertop businesses, and for good reason: They’re expressive, they hold many opportunities, and they give contractors the freedom they seek, work-wise. Independent workers who love stone-crafting, interior design, repair work, and hands-on work are fantastic marble and granite contractors. While countertops needn’t be made of fine materials, a lot of countertop contractors love the artistic aspects of installation.

What happens during a typical day at a countertop business?

Countertop businesses operate on a service call basis. So, they’re likely to answer a variety of service needs. Countertop business owners must be familiar with granite, marble, and other popular countertop materials. Day-to-day activities include giving homeowners quotes, choosing countertop styles, formatting a countertop’s installation plans, and cutting countertop materials. As for actual installation, maintenance, and removal, countertop business workers perform basic maintenance operations. Meanwhile, the business owner strategizes services by creating effective price plans. There’s a lot of competition in the countertop industry. For this reason, a lot of business owners focus on marketing. Printed ads, internet ads, and even mobile ads are important. As with any contracting-centric business, a countertop business owner spends most of their time planning finances, sourcing materials, and targeting niche markets.

What is the target market?

Most of your clients will be homeowners. Preferred clients are those that are looking for someone to offer more than just installation of countertops. These people will be employing your services to help them select designs and materials in addition to installing the countertop once the desired top has been chosen. You will be able to charge these customers for design plans as well as for installation. Not only do these customers present your with a better opportunity for profit, they also have the potential to become more comfortable and satisfied with your business; therefore, they are more likely to share their experience and promote your services to others.

How does a countertop business make money?

Individual contractors and countertop business owners make money by installing, removing, and maintaining countertops. A lot of countertop businesses have ongoing client relationships. Countertops can wear down over time, and it takes professional skill to repair cracks, buffer out scratches, and install customized additions. While the initial purchase of a countertop pays well, ongoing repair and addition services are the most consistent revenue streams.

What is the growth potential for a countertop business?

Like many contractor-focused businesses, a countertop business has incredible scale. Again, it isn’t rare to see an individual countertop contractor. Large-scale countertop businesses also have a niche in the grand scheme of home improvement. If your business grows, scales effectively and can handle mass amounts of material and human resources, it can even become a specialized provider, favored by high-quality home décor lovers.