Business Overview

Frozen yogurt businesses can offer anything from smoothies to parfaits with an infinite amount of toppings and flavor combinations. A frozen yogurt business may also offer specialty drinks, such as gourmet coffee or Italian sodas.

Who is this business right for?

Owners should have experience both with making and selling frozen yogurt. A specialty recipe and production methods ensure customers get a quality product. Owners should also have a good idea of the specialty flavors and toppings customers want. One neighborhood may want the classics, such as strawberry, cherry, and chocolate. Other neighborhoods may want to see more inventive flavors, such as bacon or churro.

What happens during a typical day at a frozen yogurt business?

To entice customers and keep them coming back, an owner should focus on the following daily activities:

  • Ordering ingredients and non-food supplies
  • Mapping out a budget
  • Providing customer service
  • Scheduling employees
  • Updating company website
  • Maintaining web presence
  • Overseeing quality control

What is the target market?

The best client is someone who lives close to you, so you can develop a core base of customers who come to depend on your menu. Your clientele don’t necessarily need to be health nuts, but they may be people who are either watching their weight or looking to make more conscientious choices about their eating habits.   

How does a frozen yogurt business make money?

Owners must set the prices for each menu item to cover business expenses and create a profit margin. People who are looking for fancy frozen yogurt are willing to pay a little more for quality flavors. Your prices will have to factor in all of the costs of the business (not just the cost of the ingredients.)

What is the growth potential for a frozen yogurt business?

A frozen yogurt business has a lot of room for growth, but certain areas may be difficult to expand in. For example, a market like Los Angeles is saturated with a variety of specialty frozen yogurt businesses. However, businesses can penetrate even the most saturated market by offering an experience customers can’t find anywhere else. This may be through new flavors, incredible customer service, or even through fun decorations.