Business Overview

Many people dream of seeing a book with their name on the cover, but not everyone has the ability to write one themselves. Ghostwriters are hired to write works for those who either cannot or do not want to write their own works. Ghostwriters deal with a range of clients from celebrities to everyday people who need their stories to be told.

Who is this business right for?

Successful ghostwriters must like to work in the background and have no interest in gaining popularity through writing. They need to be adaptable and flexible, both in their writing style and their work schedule. At the same time, ghostwriters require the self-discipline to remain on task and see a project through by delivering exactly what they promise.

What happens during a typical day at a ghostwriting business?

Most ghostwriters spend a large part of the working day marketing their services to potential clients. When ghostwriters are actually working on a project, their time is divided between researching, writing, communicating with clients, and revising their writing based on the client's feedback.

What is the target market?

Since the majority of the market for ghostwriting is nonfiction, the ideal nonfiction clients include anyone who wants to promote their image or ideas like celebrities, business owners, everyday people who have an extraordinary story to tell.

There is also work for ghostwriting fiction. Most jobs for ghostwriters who write fiction are for genre novels like thrillers, fantasy and romance.

How does a ghostwriting business make money?

A ghostwriting business earns money by writing under the name of their clients for a pre-determined payment.

What is the growth potential for a ghostwriting business?

Hiring a ghostwriter to write a book has always been widespread practice. But these days more and more people are using ghostwriters to publish a book to help shape their public images or to cash in on their popularity. There is always work available for quality ghostwriters.