Business Overview

Many people enjoy relaxing, socializing with others, and being romantic in hot tubs. Hot tub gardens maintain several private hot tubs that customers rent to use for their personal enjoyment. A garden’s hot tubs can be inside or outside. They’re rented for a pre-arranged amount of time.

Who is this business right for?

The ideal hot tub garden owner will be a believer in the relaxing, therapeutic potential of spending time in hot tubs. These people will be better able to promote the business, and they will be able to provide an even more satisfying experience to customers. Having basic mechanical skills will make troubleshooting any problems that arise with hot tubs easier. Being able to connect with people will help a business owner put customers at ease, so they can relax and enjoy their time in a hot tub.

What happens during a typical day at a hot tub garden?

Business owners’ time is largely divided between serving customers and cleaning hot tubs between customers. This involves welcoming customers, giving them towels, notifying customers their time has ended, cleaning towels, and sanitizing hot tubs. When not doing these things, business owners manage their employees, pay bills, and market their hot tub garden.

What is the target market?

A hot tub garden business’ ideal customers are people who want a private atmosphere, enjoy hot tubs, and have some discretionary income. Such people may be willing to pay a premium for access to a private hot tub, and they have the income needed to rent one. Most of your customers will be seeking a relaxing experience that they can share with close friends or family.

How does a hot tub garden make money?

A hot tub garden business makes money by renting its private hot tubs. Hot tubs are usually rented by the hour.

What is the growth potential for a hot tub garden?

The hot tub garden business is a relatively new business model. For this reason, most businesses tend to be small. They have just one or no more than a few locations. For example, The Oasis Hot Tub Gardens has three locations in Michigan. Neptune’s Lagoons has one location in Anaheim, California.