Business Overview

A laundry delivery service provides busy people everywhere with a solution to an ongoing problem. For working parents, busy professionals, and busy businesses, laundry delivery services can be a true lifesaver when it comes to accomplishing more in a day and still having clean clothes for the next.

Who is this business right for?

This business is excellent for someone who enjoys helping others manage their lives. Many people who start this are stay-at-home moms looking for ways to make more money on the side. By specializing in one cleaning task, you take a major activity off of someone else’s to-do list. Entrepreneurs should have a passion for cleanliness, and respect for the many different types of fabric and styles of clothes they may come across.

What happens during a typical day at a laundry delivery service?

Owners should make time in their day for the following tasks:

  • Picking up/dropping off laundry
  • Laundering clothes
  • Advertising for more clients
  • Providing customer service
  • Establishing a payment system
  • Liability/commercial insurance
  • Creating and maintaining a website

What is the target market?

There are a variety of people who can use this service. You may want to target businesses who need to have laundry done on a regular basis (e.g., spas, restaurants, hospitals), or individuals who find themselves overwhelmed by mountains of laundry. Upper class members of society will certainly have more disposable income to spend on this service, but entrepreneurs should not necessarily target the wealthier people of the community. By setting your price points in range with the busy middle class or even lower middle class, you may end up getting the bigger client base you want.

How does a laundry delivery service make money?

Laundry delivery services make money by charging people a fee for washing their clothes. Owners may charge by the pound, the load, or the types of clothes or fabric that need to be laundered.

What is the growth potential for a laundry delivery service?

This depends on the amount of competition in your area, and the types of people who live nearby. You’re limited by geographic location, so make sure that those in your neighborhood can afford to spend money on laundry first. However, the need for these types of services only continue to grow as everyone's lives become more hectic. By ensuring quality and guaranteeing satisfaction, you may find yourself needing to scale your services to fit the demand after only a few months.