Business Overview

An oil change business keeps neighbors' cars maintained and on the road by offering regular services such as oil changes, windshield wiper replacement, and air conditioning recharging. Speedy service with a smile and competitive pricing encourages your customers to come back the next time.

Who is this business right for?

If you enjoy working with cars, customers, and providing a valuable service to the community, this might be the right business opportunity for you. There is a sizable investment required to get off the ground, but with the right location, marketing, and constant hard work, it can be very rewarding.

What happens during a typical day at an Oil Change Business?

You and your employees will have a fairly regular schedule that includes:

  • Maintaining the garage bays, lifts, and pumps
  • Neatening up the customer waiting lounge
  • Scheduling appointments such that customers never have to wait long
  • Ordering supplies including oil, filters, gaskets and other automotive parts
  • Basic money handling
  • Process payroll
  • Basic marketing tasks
  • Maintaining your knowledge level for servicing all major brands of cars and new models

What is the target market?

Everybody who drives a car is a potential customer. The most lucrative areas are situated at the edge of urban markets, as suburban families own more vehicles and will spend money on simple services. Rural markets have fewer customers available, and some of those will want to change their own oil. Inner cities have higher costs associated with the property while customers have less cash for extras.

How does an Oil Change Business make money?

Your customers pay you a minimal fee for completing a quick oil change on their personal vehicle. Connect with local car rental agencies or delivery services to generate a larger base of repeat customers. When you expand the number of services offered, clients will return to you more often increasing profits.

What is the growth potential for an Oil Change Business?

Everybody needs to have their oil changed one to four times a year. If you establish a reputation for providing quick, reliable service at a competitive price, the word will spread. In a major metropolitan area, the opportunity to expand to multiple locations is very real. If you wish to take further advantage of your current location, expanding the services you provide will help to raise profits with minimal investment. In upscale neighborhoods, you may be able to offer a mobile oil change service for your wealthier clients.