Business Overview

A paintball field or arena provides the local community with a fun way to get physical exercise, relieve stress, and learn teamwork while engaging in a little friendly competition. This type of business provides the environment, equipment, training and guidance for customers to safely participate in paintball competitions and tournaments.

Who is this business right for?

This is a great business for people who enjoy physical activity and promoting exercise and teamwork. If having fun and teaching others to have fun is as important to you as earning money, this might be the perfect business for you.

What happens during a typical day at a paintball field?

Some of the day to day activities may include:

  • Purchasing/Setting up equipment and supplies
  • Collecting rental fees
  • Designing games and competitions
  • Advertising and promotional activities
  • Accounting and payroll

What is the target market?

Paintball appeals to individuals with disposable income and leisure time, and who are not limited by a medical conditions which could be exacerbated by the emotional excitement and physical exertion of a paintball competition.

How does a paintball field make money?

Paintball arenas generate revenue by charging participants entrance and equipment rental fees. Some paintball arena business owners also make money by arranging local, state, and national tournaments and charging participants an entry fee. Some owners also rent out equipment for use off-site.

What is the growth potential for a paintball field?

The growth potential of this business often depends on creating and maintaining more than one field or indoor arena to provide varying degrees of difficulty. Some paintball arena businesses have grown large enough to offer franchise opportunities.