Business Overview

As a personal concierge, also known as a personal assistant, your range of duties is bound only by your own description of what you’ll do and the needs of the individuals who hire you. That scope of activity can include dog walking and pet-sitting, appointment scheduling and travel booking, moving assistance, home office support, and whatever else you’ll do or be asked to do by your clients.

Who is this business right for?

Energy, flexibility, organization, and an entrepreneurial spirit are your friends. Each client and their needs might be wildly different, so you should enjoy meeting each day’s unique challenges. You must be good at marketing yourself and enjoy meeting people and being a part of their lives to the extent they need and allow.

What happens during a typical day at a personal concierge business?

Your typical day is too hard to define since each will be different depending on the mix of your clientele and services extended, but you must make room for the following basic activities.

  • Promoting your services and seeking clients in unique and creative ways
  • Scheduling time to meet with new prospects
  • Undertaking the assignments expected of you
  • Handing the everyday office tasks demanded of everyone in business, from scheduling your time to invoicing clients and paying your bills

What is the target market?

Look for clients who are busy and have the financial wherewithal to hire your services. These individuals’ lives might be hectic because they’re raising children, working long hours out of the home, or caregiving to parents, among other reasons. Another set of client types are elderly people who can’t function as swiftly as they used to. And some companies, particularly larger corporations, offer concierge services as part of their benefits packages -- or could be encouraged to do so as a way of addressing some of the personal needs of their busy employees.

How does a personal concierge business make money?

Your main source of revenue will be from your clients for your services and, occasionally from their additional tips in appreciation. Also, consider exploring the possibility of developing referral agreements with such vendors as wedding planners, travel agents and moving companies that will enable you to receive commissions or discounts for business conducted by your clients.

What is the growth potential for a personal concierge business?

Since this is a field of business that can be considered a luxury that some could dispense with if personal budgets had to be cut, personal concierge services are closely tied to the economy. As long as the local economy stays at least fairly strong, there’s opportunity for growth. Or you might strive to become so indispensable to your clients that they’d see your services as more of a necessity than a luxury.