Business Overview

People all over the United States like to go swimming, and many of them head to a swimming pool when they want to take a dip. Keeping the many swimming pools in the country clean and operating properly is major business. According to IBISWorld, the swimming pool cleaning services industry is a $3 billion industry. With no single company dominating the industry, there’s plenty of opportunity for new business owners who are interested starting up a business that cleans and services pools.

Who is this business right for?

Anyone who enjoys working with their hands and being outside may enjoy running a pool service business. It also helps to be self-motivated, as business owners spend much of their time working alone while cleaning pools, and personable, because owners frequently see their customers when cleaning pools.

What happens during a typical day at a pool cleaning business?

A pool service business owner spends a lot of their time going to customer’s locations and cleaning their pools. A typical cleaning may involve:

  • Driving to a customer’s site
  • Checking the pool’s water and adding chemicals as appropriate
  • Emptying debris baskets, cleaning the pool’s filter and similar tasks
  • Looking over the pool’s equipment and making any necessary minor repairs
  • Leaving a bill and driving to the next customer’s site

When not cleaning customers’ pools, business owners schedule cleanings, market their business, order additional supplies and maintain their equipment.

What is the target market?

While most pool service businesses clean and maintain individual’s pools, a business’ ideal customer is a business or organization that has a commercial pool (e.g. a hotel, apartment complex, condominium property, gated community, school, park or fitness center). Commercial pools take longer to clean, but pool service businesses are able to charge more for cleaning them. They also are used by more people and, therefore, frequently need to be cleaned more often. Some commercial pools may need to be serviced weekly, or even two or three times per week.

How does a pool cleaning business make money?

A pool service business makes money by charging for cleaning swimming pools and making minor repairs to pools.

What is the growth potential for a pool cleaning business?

A pool service business may be a single-person operation, or it can be a large company. Many business owners never hire employees and simply clean pools in their area themselves. Others grow their business into regional or national chains. An example of a local business is Belleair Pool Service & Supply. America’s Swimming Pool Co., a national franchise.