Business Overview

A snorkeling business will typically sell or rent out various safety gear and snorkeling equipment to water-lovers of all ages. Businesses can also offer tours to their customers in addition to or instead of a physical store location.

Who is this business right for?

Owners should ideally have an inherent love of the water, so they can introduce their passion of exploration to new generations of snorkelers. They should also enjoy working with people who may not know very much about how to use the equipment.

What happens during a typical day at a snorkeling business?

Snorkeling businesses will spend a lot of time dealing with customers (e.g., giving tours, renting equipment, selling), but they’ll also need to account for payroll, marketing, and stocking equipment and gear.

What is the target market?

Tourists are typically the big market for snorkeling gear because they’ll rent equipment while they’re in town instead of buying their own. However, snorkeling businesses will get business from locals who either need to buy all-new gear or replace their equipment as it wears out.

How does a snorkeling business make money?

Snorkel businesses will charge a mark-up on the rentals, tours, and equipment they sell.

What is the growth potential for a snorkeling business?

With 11 million snorkelers in the US, it’s clear there’s a market for this industry. Snorkel businesses have to compete with a plethora of equipment that’s for sale online, but there's really no substitute for those who need to rent gear or take a tour. Most tourists won’t travel with their own gear (especially if they’re flying), so the growth potential can be significant for a business that both meets the demand and manages to impress their customers in a short amount of time.