Business Overview

Our roadways are used every day to move products and supplies from one end of the country to the other. Truck drivers are responsible for making sure these deliveries arrive safely and on time. Operators require a specific set of skills and knowledge, as the safety of those they share the roadways with are in their hands. A truck driving school helps operators build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, providing classroom and hands on education. This is the first requirement for obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Who is this business right for?

Have you spent years on the road, delivering goods from one location to another? Have you ever had the desire to share your knowledge and experience with those just starting their path in this career? Or, perhaps you’re feeling it is time for a change in career path, but you don’t want to leave the industry altogether? If so, opening a truck driving school may be exactly the change you are looking for.

What happens during a typical day at a truck driving school?

Operating a truck driving school means managing many moving parts. Your students will require both classroom and hands-on training. The curriculum must remain up-to-date, so it is critical that teachers remain abreast of emerging trends and the latest industry news. Accurate records must be maintained on every level of the business. Financials should be kept in order and student records must be organized. Many schools offer assistance with job placement upon course completion. While it is not recommended that you guarantee a job to each graduating student, a job placement program should be a part of your business plan.

What is the target market?

Your marketing efforts should be geared towards aspiring truck drivers across the country.

How does a truck driving school make money?

Your business will generate revenue from each student that signs up to complete your course.

What is the growth potential for a truck driving school?

While there are several other methods available for transporting goods, trucks are still the preferred choice for many items. The demand for reliable and skilled truck drivers will always be high, making a truck driving school a worthy long-term investment. Entrepreneurs are urged to conduct thorough research ahead of time to ensure demand in the area is high.