Business Overview

A voice-over business provides custom recordings for clients based on a diverse set of needs. The business works well as an offline as well as online service. Your clients may need voice-over work for many different things. These include movies of varying lengths, presentations, video games, and various other services. The ability to operate the business fully online if you so choose makes this an attractive business with potentially very low investment and overhead.

Who is this business right for?

It's no surprise that a voice-over business is ideal for those who are naturally good speakers. This may include people who have experience giving prepared lectures (such as teachers) as well as people who often have leadership roles in their work environment. This is because confidence is one of the most important parts of your voice-over delivery, no matter what the assignment.

What happens during a typical day at a voice-over service?

Part of any given day for a voice-over business is for you and/or your employees to be providing the voices required based on scripts you have received. Other daily activities include receiving the scripts and interpreting the client's needs based on that script. Communication with the client before, during, and after the assignment is also crucial to making sure you get it right the first time. Skilled voice-over artists may also spend part of their days practicing different deliveries, intonations, and even accents to ensure that they can provide the whatever voice a client needs.

What is the target market?

Despite the possible diversity of your work, your best clients will likely be mid- to large-size businesses. This is because such organizations will typically be in need of training videos for their many employees, and such businesses are likely to become a steady source of revenue for you.

How does a voice-over service make money?

On the most basic level, a voice-over business makes money by charging clients to record voice-over material. It is up to you and your business whether you wish to charge by words read, hours recording, or simply charge for entire projects based on their size.

What is the growth potential for a voice-over service?

The growth potential for a voice-over business is good. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics groups voice actors in with the field of acting, which itself should experience a ten percent boost between 2014 and 2024. And, things like the aforementioned training videos will only become more important as more jobs are either outsourced to oversea workers or part-timers as part of the “gig economy,” necessitating clear training videos for new workers who may be unfamiliar with a company.