Business Overview

As a web design business owner, your company’s primary responsibility is to ensure the client’s website is visually pleasing. Depending upon the customer’s needs, the designer will either use a site template or create the design and develop the site.

Who is this business right for?

In our current business environment, websites are a major component to an enterprise’s success. As a web design business owner, it’s critical to possess determination, meticulousness, and creativity. If you’re a technological innovator, who’s ready to begin building towards success, web design is a tremendous industry.

What happens during a typical day at a web design business?

As a web designer, your day will be split between interacting with colleagues and clients and crafting quality sites for your customers. While the specifics of each day vary, most days you will:

  • Read and answer emails
  • Host meetings with prospective clients to discuss their needs
  • Meet with current clients to provide updates on projects, collaborate, and get a feel for their feelings on pitched ideas
  • Manage your own projects, as well as oversee your team’s projects
  • Map out websites
  • Source images
  • Put out fires within the company (e.g. identify and fix issues when a site goes down)

As with every business, there will also be administrative duties to attend to. While your business grows, you’ll probably want to take a more active role in these tasks. However, as you start to realize success, entrusting a responsible team member with these duties can be both cost-effective and managerially responsible. With your schedule freed up, you’re allowed more time to focus on building your business.

What is the target market?

You’ll most likely have numerous clients whom you never hear from again, once their website is built. While there is nothing wrong here, it does cause a bit of instability and requires constant marketing to maintain a profitable workload. Therefore, your most valuable clients will be the ones that realize the benefit of having a website that is continuously maintained and upgraded. With each customer retained, work diligently to build a strong and trusted relationship. With this foundation built, they’ll consider you an extension of their workforce, looking to you for guidance for many years to come.

How does a web design business make money?

Your web design business will generate revenue through each website designed and/or service provided. Most designers require new clients to pay a retainer, with the balance due once services are complete.

What is the growth potential for a web design business?

No matter how much business strategy evolves in the future, a well-designed website will always be critical to an organization’s success. This is great for your business, as it adds a certain level of stability that most industries never achieve. The growth and success of your company is contingent on your vision and the talent your team possesses. With the right support, the opportunity is there to build an organization that serves customers on a global scale.