Best No Code Website Builder in 2022: An In-Depth Review

One of the first steps of creating your professional site for your small business is figuring out which website builder is the right fit. The options today can range from incredibly simple builders, to those that require in-depth technical knowledge. Many small business owners today need a way to create a website without any code. No code website builders are a great option, they’re easy to use and considerably cheaper than hiring a web developer.

Our list of the best no code website builders of 2022 includes side-by-side comparisons, information on pricing, pros and cons of each builder, and more.

Recommended: GoDaddy is our top choice overall, get started with a free trial.

What Is a No Code Website?

Figuring out what a low code or no code website is can be slightly tricky. These websites typically come with premade templates or themes you can choose from that take the bulk of any technical knowledge off your hands. 

The best way to create a website with no code is to choose a builder that offers drag-and-drop functionality. These builders typically have you answer a series of questions as you’re getting started to better prepare a website for you. Most of these builders use artificial intelligence (AI) to construct a website based around your needs, preferences, and type of business. 

Some of these website builders are also considered low code. Low code websites are ones where, if you have the technical skill, you can further customize your template, pages, and site using hypertext markup language (HTML) and/or cascading style sheets (CSS). However, with low code websites, it’s not required that you do this, you can still have a functioning website set up for you using no code at all.

Compare the Best No Code Website Builders in 2022

Best Website Builders
4.7 out of 5 stars

Best Website Builder Overall

  • Affordable pricing and flexible features
  • Easy-to-use professional templates
  • Extensive marketing features

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4 point 5 out of 5 stars
  • Intuitive editor for easy set-up
  • Access to professional photos
  • Positive customer reviews

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4 point 4 out of 5 stars
  • Versatile marketing features
  • Sleek and customizable templates
  • Functional ecommerce services

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4 point 4 out of 5 stars
  • Secure payment processing
  • Scalable storage space
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Excellent customer support

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4 point 3 out of 5 stars

Best for Ecommerce

  • Excellent ecommerce capabilities
  • List unlimited products
  • Advanced and understandable analytics

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4 point 1 out of 5 stars
  • Highly customizable
  • Cost effective
  • Wide range of integrations

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Using No Code Website Builders for Small Business

The beauty of using no code website builders is not only their affordability, but their ease of use. More often than not, these builders will use templates to help you visualize the final product and easily add any necessary content to fully customize your site. 

Editing your website is a simple, streamlined process, and typically these builders are responsive, meaning they are already set up to look good on any device. Plus, most of these website builders have a “Preview” option, allowing you to see how your site will look on desktop, mobile, and other devices — all before publishing. 

Learn more about creating an effective website for your small business, check out our in-depth How to Design a Successful Website article.

Best No Code Website Builder Overall: GoDaddy

The GoDaddy website builder was created with simplicity and accessibility in mind, meaning you never have to use any code and can have a website up and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

GoDaddy also likes to keep things all under one roof, so you never have to connect any complicated plugins and can rest easy knowing GoDaddy will automatically update any added apps or features to your site for you. The GoDaddy website builder is a fantastic option for the busy small business owner looking for a no-fuss, no code business website.

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Build a Website With GoDaddy

GoDaddy consistently ranks in our top spot for website builders because of just how easy it is to use. You can have a functioning business website published in a matter of minutes with GoDaddy.

Part of the GoDaddy sign-up process  includes answering a short series of questions, which helps GoDaddy better generate a website and template for you. Essentially, this takes all the required coding out of your hands so all you have to do is click to update and edit your site.

GoDaddy Pros:

  • In a very short amount of time, you can have your no code website up and running with GoDaddy.
  • Without using any code at all, you can create a highly functional and cohesive website, the GoDaddy website builder makes editing content a breeze.
  • GoDaddy has quite an in-depth umbrella of features. There’s access to scheduling, appointment bookings, ways to connect your social media feeds, and so much more.

GoDaddy Cons:

  • The downside of having such simple and easy features is they can feel limiting. If you want complete control over where everything goes on your website, GoDaddy might feel frustrating.
  • GoDaddy is limited in its ecommerce capabilities. If the focus of your business is selling online, you might need to pick a different no code builder.
  • GoDaddy offers so much, it can be hard to find and time-consuming to connect everything to really make your website strong. And some features cost extra, so keep an eye on the fine print.

Best No Code Website Builder for Creatives: Wix

Wix is another wonderful no code website builder, structured with creatives and freelancers in mind. Many of Wix’s templates come with customizable options, and the builder itself is intuitive and easy to navigate. Let your creativity run free, without having to worry about coding or other technical know-how. Plus, Wix includes helpful analytics and other tools to help any business thrive.

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With plans starting at $14 per month, Wix is an affordable no code option for most business websites.

Build a Website With Wix

For artists, designers, freelancers, or any creatively-minded business owner looking to make a professional website without using any code, we recommend Wix. This no code website builder comes with tons of sleek and elegant templates, allowing you to make a sophisticated website without any technical knowledge. Plus, Wix does a good job of offering ecommerce options and more ways to customize your site with an easy-to-use interface.

Wix Pros:

  • Never worry about running out of room, Wix has unlimited storage, so you can show off your portfolio no matter how many images or videos it has.
  • All Wix plans come equipped with top-notch security. Rest easy knowing your information and your customers’ information is kept safe.
  • Wix’s 24/7 customer care is available to walk you through any problem, technical or otherwise.

Wix Cons:

  • A common issue with Wix sites is its slow load time. This can be frustrating for both you and your site visitors.
  • If you ever decide to move your website away from Wix, transferring your domain and site could prove tricky, technical, and most likely expensive if you end up having to hire a designer to help you.
  • Wix doesn’t offer much in terms of analytics and other useful tools for keeping track of and growing your brand. You’ll most likely have to connect third-party software.

Best No Code Website Builder for Ecommerce: Shopify

Shopify typically ranks at the top of the list for best ecommerce website builders, and with good reason. This no code website builder is easy to use and comes with tons of useful tools to help you set up a successful online store.

There are ways to collect emails for marketing campaigns, you can organize your products into featured collections, and Shopify even improved its blog functionality. Shopify proves that just because you run an online store doesn’t mean you have to know how to code.

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Shopify is our top pick for a no code ecommerce website builder, plans start at $29 per month.

Build an Online Store With Shopify

Across the board, Shopify comes out on top for ecommerce sites, mostly because this no code website builder was designed for small businesses shipping and selling online goods. Shopify comes with tons of themes and applications you can connect to make your online store thrive, all without having to know how to code. Create featured collections, sell on social media platforms, and more using Shopify.

Shopify Pros:

  • There’s no limit to the number of items or services you can showcase on Shopify. All Shopify plans include unlimited storage and products. 
  • The Shopify dashboard is intuitive and offers users easy access to ways to update items, view analytics, create email campaigns, and more.
  • Shopify also easily connects to your social media account, letting you sell items in your social posts, and giving you access to other sales channels.

Shopify Cons:

  • Unfortunately, the Shopify website builder does not come with an autosave feature. This means you must be diligent about saving your work while you build out your website. 
  • Whereas a lot of what Shopify offers is highly functional for online sellers, there are some apps you’ll have to connect to fully access these features. And not all those apps are free.
  • The only way to avoid a transaction fee is to use Shopify Payments. This means if you offer PayPal, Apple Pay, or use another gateway, Shopify will take a percentage of each of those sales.

Best No Code Website Builder for Blogs:

Typically we would recommend WordPress for anyone looking to build a content-focused website, however, WordPress does require a level of technical knowledge and coding capabilities.

Never fear, this is where comes in, boasting tons of benefits and the ease of use of a no code builder, it’s definitely up there in terms of capabilities. users have access to a large library of professional images and quite a large number of templates to choose from. Creating your no code blog is a breeze with

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With plans starting at just $10 per month, is an affordable and versatile no code website builder.

Build Website With

When it comes to crafting a blog or content-focused website without any code, we recommend This no code website builder is easy to use and can have your website up and running in no time. There are plenty of templates users have access to, helping users build a fully functioning website with no code or previous experience required.

Whereas it’s not the cheapest builder, does come with advanced search engine optimization (SEO) features, access to an in-depth professional photo library, and an easy-to-use interface. Pros:

  • The no code website builder is perfect for complete beginners, no coding or previous website building knowledge is needed.
  • users can easily access thousands of professional and royalty-free photos through Unsplash.
  • Rest easy knowing you have access to a dedicated Customer Service team, 24/7. Cons:

  • Uploading images to your site is easy, but editing them can be more difficult than you planned. 
  • websites can load slowly, causing casual site visitors to possibly leave before fully engaging with your content.
  • The pricing of is tricky to figure out. offers an amazing deal of under $2 for the first 30 days of using the platform, but then this price more than quintuples after that.

Best No Code Website Builder for Beginners: Zyro

Zyro might seem overly basic to an advanced web designer, but for small business owners just starting out, this no code website builder is a great tool.

There are endless guides, Zyro has incredibly user-friendly templates and support is always easily available. Zyro scores fairly high in our reviews, but isn’t as smooth or all inclusive as GoDaddy. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to offer! If you’re just starting out and have a small budget and need a professional website quickly with no coding required, Zyro could be the fit for you.

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The Zyro no code website builder plans start as low as $2.90 per month. Get started today!

Build a Website With Zyro

Small business owners with no previous experience building a website should check out the Zyro website builder. This no code platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and provides a fairly in-depth starter plan, allowing you to get a feel for this builder and all it can do.

Zyro is one of the most accessible platforms to use. Its drag-and-drop editor is highly intuitive, and most customization takes place with self-explanatory menus that open when you click on the section you want to alter. The simplicity of building a website on Zyro is a point in its favor for those who find technology overwhelming.

Zyro Pros:

  • The Editor Dashboard is very user-friendly, even for beginners.
  • One of the most affordable platforms on the market.
  • AI tools for generating a logo, writing content text, and importing pages.
  • Easy access to royalty-free images within the Editor Dashboard

Zyro Cons:

  • Template customizability is somewhat limited.
  • No free plan (you can design a page for free but must subscribe to a paid plan to publish your page).
  • AI-written content is very basic.

Our Top Pick for a No Code Website Builder: GoDaddy

If you’re a new or seasoned small business owner looking to create a simple, yet effective professional website, you can’t go wrong with the GoDaddy no code website builder. It’s easy to use, highly intuitive, and you can get your business website up and running in just a few minutes.

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Get Started With GoDaddy

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