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How to Create a Perfect Thank You Page

When creating your business’s website, it may seem challenging to identify the pages and goals you’ll need to succeed — especially because these can vary from business to business.

This article will help you determine your thank you page design, content, and goals as well as other key elements for success. It’ll also touch on how this page ties into your business’s goals and overall website goals. We’ll also provide thank you page examples and ways to incorporate a thank you page after form submission feature for your website.

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How to Make a Thank You Page - Thank You Page Examples.

Before You Begin

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Understanding the Goal of Your Thank You Page

The first step in crafting a thoughtful thank you page for your business website involves understanding what you want to thank visitors for doing. This certainly can vary across different businesses and their websites because it’s a specialized, niche page. 

Once you figure this out, it’s time to identify goals that’ll then help you decide how to design your thank you page.

Identifying Your Thank You Page Goals

Having clear goals for your thank you page will help you measure the overall effectiveness of your entire website. Importantly, they should reflect the goals of your business as a whole. Check out our What Makes a Good Website guide for a detailed breakdown of how best to identify your goals.

Once you determine your overall business goals, it’s time to identify specific thank you page goals. These can vary based on what you want to thank your customers for as well as the nature of your business. Finding thank you page goals that fit your brand is the key to achieving measurable success.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself to help you identify your thank you page goals:

  • What type of business do you have? The type of thank you page you’ll need depends on the sort of business you run. If you’re a local maker with a specialized product, for example, you’ll likely want to tailor your thank you page to the local customers who seek you out. If you operate a restaurant with an online menu and takeout ordering, your thank you page might also include a timeline for when customers can expect their order to be ready. Knowing what type of business you have will help you determine what specific elements your thank you page needs.
  • What kind of goods or services do you provide? This question is the most important to consider because it’ll most likely dictate your thank you page content. thank you pages can deliver a blanket message to site visitors, geared to cover a variety of actions. Or they can be more specialized messages for when visitors perform a specific action. Do you provide a newsletter? The thank you message for a newsletter subscriber might differ from the message that appears after someone purchases an item from your shop. If you’re a nail artist who uses online scheduling, you could use your thank you message to include before and after care instructions to help better prepare your clients. This question provides a great opportunity to evaluate what you offer and determine how to authentically thank individuals for using your goods and/or services.
  • What kind of growth and engagement do you want? Your thank you page doesn’t have to represent the end of the interaction between you and your site visitors. For example, it could include internal links to your blog or suggest they follow you on Instagram. Consider how you’d like to stay in touch with your customers and incorporate this into your thank you page.

Your answers to these questions will help clarify what type of thank you page your business website needs. They’ll also help you focus on how to design your thank you page to achieve your goals.

After answering these questions, it’s time to connect your thank you page goals to a tangible way of measuring its progress toward achieving them.

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Measuring Your Thank You Page’s Success

Having goals is a great start, but how will you know if you reach them? The best way to ensure you achieve your thank you page goals involves making specific and measurable targets with tangible timelines and relevance.

  • Be Specific: A specific goal for your thank you page might be to thank 100 new visitors for subscribing to your newsletter.
  • Make It Measurable: A measurable goal could involve gaining 50 new followers on Instagram by displaying a link along with a suggestion to follow on your thank you page.
  • Make It Attainable: While this may prove challenging, you must ensure each of your thank you page goals is realistic and reachable. If it’s a particularly large goal, feel free to break it down into smaller sections. 
  • Stay Relevant: All of your thank you page goals should help you achieve the goals of your website and business. Make sure your thank you page stays on brand for the theme and tone of your website.  
  • Ensure It’s Time-Based: Setting a deadline for specific goals provides a clear indicator of achievement. If you give yourself one month to offer 100 new customers discounts from your thank you page, you’ll know by the end of that month if you succeeded.

Once you have a set of specific thank you page goals with a realistic timeline, remember to ensure they tie back to the overall goals of your website and business.

Aligning Thank You Page and Business Goals

Now that you better understand your thank you page goals, make sure they’re relevant to both your business and website. Refer to our What Makes a Good Website guide for more details on creating clear goals for your business website.

Now, set your thank you page goals alongside your business and website goals. Do your thank you page goals support the achievement of your overall business goals? Will your thank you page effectively help you meet your website goals? If your thank you page goals seem to veer off in another direction, revise them so they align with both your website and business goals.

Once you achieve harmony across your goals, it’s time to dive into what your thank you page will need to successfully engage your target audience. We’ll discuss how your thank you page’s content and design can help achieve this.

Determining Your Thank You Page’s Content and Design

While your thank you page isn’t what visitors see when they first arrive at your business website, it’s still incredibly important. Ensure it makes a lasting impression by providing a balance of information and thoughtfulness.

The structure of your thank you page should feature key information about your business as well as key elements that help visitors find other information with ease. Adding elements like discounts, social media icons, and other incentives to return also can help promote your thank you page’s success.

Designing the Best Structure

A thoughtful thank you page will benefit your website and business overall. Good general design concepts can help you retain your visitors’ attention while enabling them to find any information they might need. 

A solid structure for a thank you page can include an image, a block of text, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and other internal links. This simple structure will prevent the page from overwhelming visitors while still providing them with some next steps.

Using colors to signify different sections of information and adding other design elements will help improve your visitors’ overall experience on this page. Consider also offering links to your terms and conditions and/or privacy policy pages to provide them with more information.

Check out our How To Structure a Website guide for more details.

Creating Engaging Content

A creative approach can help you make your thank you page engaging and interactive. We’ll discuss the details of some of these key elements further, but let’s start with some general basics. 

Incorporating a referral system into your thank you page, for example, can help you fulfill your business goals and expand your reach. Encouraging customers to spread the word about your brand is a wonderful way to create engagement — even after they leave your site. 

You also can use a thank you page to continue telling your business’s story by providing links to your social media feeds. This can inspire visitors to keep interacting with your business long after reading your thank you note. You can even use this page to link to your sales page to upsell a new product and encourage visitors to come back for more. 

Of course, one of the best ways to make a lasting impression involves offering a discount for the future. Your thank you page could offer a discount code for a specific percentage off a customer’s next purchase, for example, to reward them and entice them to return. 

Some website builders even have features built into the checkout process that not only thank customers, but also ask them to leave a review. Collecting this information can prove incredibly useful to understanding your current and target audiences. 

Aim for a personal, yet professional tone. Give your visitors enough information so they feel like they can trust you and your business. This is key to creating engaging content that’ll convince them to become repeat customers.

Incorporating Key Elements for Success

Beyond the essentials every thank you page needs to achieve its goals — like solid structure and engaging content — you may want to include other key elements to meet your visitors’ needs. 

Here are several useful elements you can add to your thank you page to promote its success:

  • Images: Your thank you page should include at least one image to make it look inviting vs. presenting just a block of text. This image can range from an illustrative font that highlights the words “thank you” to  a picture of the product the visitor just purchased.
  • Internal Links: These embedded links connect visitors to other pages of your site, enabling them to find more information or continue shopping. Providing these options can help you drive further engagement.
  • Calls to Action: These commonly appear on buttons site visitors can click, inviting them to “Sign Up,” “Buy Now,” or take another action. In fact, they likely clicked on a CTA button to arrive at your thank you page. Feel free to offer other CTA buttons here that encourage them to follow your business on social media or even sign up for your newsletter. 
  • Contact Forms: These forms enable visitors to sign up for newsletters, subscribe to a service, or simply send you a message. It could prove useful to have a contact form on your thank you page in case customers need to reach you immediately with questions or want to provide feedback. These useful tools enable you to collect data that’ll help you measure your success.
  • Social Media Icons: These icons, which connect visitors to your business’s social media feeds, typically appear in a site’s navigation menu or footer. You can add them to your thank you page to help encourage people to follow your business on an ongoing basis. You can even add icons that’ll enable visitors to share their purchase of your product or service across their own social networks.
  • Chat Boxes: This feature allows customers to chat with you or an employee, ask questions, take a quiz, or even add their details to a contact sheet. Chat boxes also provide a great way to greet new site visitors and share useful information.
  • Pop-up Windows: On many sites, a pop-up window will serve as the entryway to a thank you page. After a visitor signs up for a newsletter via a pop-up window, for example, they’ll arrive at a thank you page from which they can navigate to the rest of the site. In other cases, a pop-up window could be how you display your thank you page or message. Some website builders allow you to create a pop-up “thank you” window that visitors will see when they buy a product or sign up for a service. It’s easy to customize pop-up windows so you can specify your thanks to the specific action a visitor takes.
  • Survey Forms: Similar to contact forms, these provide another way to collect information from your site visitors. Typically used when asking visitors about their goals and struggles related to finding a specific service or product, these forms — and your visitors’ responses to them — can help you better serve your target audience.
  • Discount Codes: These can appear in many ways on a thank you page, such as via simple text or a CTA button customers can click on to receive the discount code. Such codes also can appear in pop-up windows or in email messages you send to your newsletter subscribers. While not mandatory, they often can help bring customers back to your site.
  • Customer Reviews: Some website builders include this feature as a built-in part of the checkout process. Your thank you page could include a section in which customers can rate and review their experience on your site as well as their satisfaction with the product or service they bought. This incredibly useful tool can help you collect information about how to improve visitors’ overall experience on your site.

Adding these elements to your thank you page will give you several tools to better measure your success while also improving your customers’ experience. Use these key elements to not only tell your story and thoughtfully engage your target audience, but also to collect the data you need to measure your achievements.

Reviewing Successful Thank You Page Examples

Sometimes it’s more helpful to see success in action. Here are six examples of engaging thank you pages built using various website builders. We’ll provide at last one visual for each as well as a brief explanation of what makes them so effective.

Successful GoDaddy Thank You Page Example

How to make a thank you page.

Romance author Faith M. Troyer uses this lovely message as her thank you page when visitors subscribe to her reader list. Even though it’s just a message, it still does several things really well that any thank you page can incorporate.

First, it lets readers know they’ll receive the next reader list update while also providing instructions on how to confirm their subscription to this list. Second, the site’s navigation menu remains visible — a best practice to keep in mind for your own site’s thank-you page. Why? This makes it very easy for visitors to navigate your site from any page.

Finally, this thank you page includes a useful chat box feature that allows visitors to enter their name, email address, and any question or message they may have. This provides another useful tool for encouraging engagement. 

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Successful Wix Thank You Page Example

How to make a thank you page.

Nova Scotian baking company Just Baked has a lovely thank you page to greet visitors who sign up for its email list. This page does a great job of pairing a professional photo of the business owner with another photo of the company’s baked treats. 

In addition, it provides a brief description of what to expect as a member of its email list plus icons that enable you to follow the company on social media. This thank you page does a great job of providing the key information its visitors will seek while encouraging further engagement.

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Successful Shopify Thank You Page Example

How to make a thank you page.

Maker and creator Victoria Bedingfield of Adelaide’s Fort uses a successful thank you section as part of her homepage. While this isn’t a dedicated thank you page, it is still in an ideal spot.

When a reader subscribes to the email list, a simple thank-you message greets them followed by an illustrated list of vital information about the shop and its founder. These elements quickly give visitors a sense of the brand and a reason to trust the product.

Underneath that information, visitors will find a catchy CTA button that invites them to shop the company’s best-selling items. This successfully pairs a brand-appropriate image with a compelling subhead that explains why visitors may want to click on this “Shop” button. It’s a great tool that supports the website’s mission of selling unique, handmade apparel.

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Successful WordPress Thank You Page Example

How to make a thank you page.

Flourish & Thrive Academy, a provider of marketing and business-coaching services for creatives who specialize in jewelry, has one of the strongest thank you pages around. Its site greets visitors with a pop-up window that offers a free guide. Once a visitor signs up to receive the guide, the above thank you page appears.

The top header image also acts as a CTA to encourage visitors of this thank-you page to apply for a free business audit. Further down the page, several bulleted items describe the target audience for Flourish & Thrive Academy’s services along with key ways the company will deliver.

This thank you page ends with another CTA to apply for the free audit — clearly indicating a goal of this page involves driving audit applications. It also includes an incentive to follow the business on social media. This page not only displays several social media icons, but also states that followers will gain access to additional resources and other free materials. 

A chat box feature provides yet another useful tool, making this thank you page a very successful example of how to share key information while also giving visitors an easy way to pose questions.

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Successful Weebly Thank You Page Example

How to make a thank you page.

Global art jeweler community Precious Collective recently hosted an event, showcasing the art of 22 of its members. Site visitors can peruse images of these works and then leave a comment on the virtual event and what it meant to them.

After leaving a comment, visitors reach this thank you page. It not only thanks visitors for viewing the artwork and taking the time to provide feedback, but also includes social media icons that encourage them to follow the collective on Instagram and Facebook. 

This page also includes two CTA buttons for the online exhibition: one for the special website hosting it and one to follow the exhibition on Instagram. Precious Collective does a good job of making it easy to follow the community beyond this event, promoting long-lasting interactions with visitors.

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Successful Squarespace Thank You Page Example

How to make a thank you page.

Creative director, podcast host, and earth pigment paint maker Vyana Novus has a unique thank you page that does several things very well. 

Appearing after visitors sign up for their new year-long course on self exploration, this thank you page supports the goal of getting them to subscribe to their podcast in preparation for the course. It prominently displays two CTA buttons to access the podcast on different platforms, making this action even easier for visitors.

The image Novus chose to highlight the podcast is professional and captures Novus' essence as the host. It also encourages visitors to follow along on Instagram by placing the social media icon below the photo. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have the building blocks to begin creating a successful thank you page for your business website, it’s time to find the right website builder. Read our Best Website Builder review to determine which platform has the tools you need for your business. 

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