Duda vs. Wix: Best Business Website Builder Review

Whether you are just beginning to build your business website or are looking for a better fit, sifting through all the online options can feel overwhelming. This is where comparing and contrasting two popular website builders can come in handy.

Here, we will be discussing Duda and Wix, breaking down their ease of use, template offerings, apps and plugins, and ecommerce capabilities. We also compare the pricing plans and the pros and cons of each.

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Duda vs. Wix

Regardless of if you are starting out or are a pro at using website builders, your chosen hosting platform’s ease of use plays a key role in your business’s growth. Let’s dig into the details of how simple Duda and Wix are to use.


Ease of Use

The Duda website builder is a drag-and-drop editor made with web designers with multiple clients in mind. Like most website builders, it will ask you a few questions as you get started to suggest templates that will fit your business model. These come pre-stocked with quality photos, widgets, and other nifty features that make setting up a website fairly easy.

However, getting started can be confusing and certain tasks are harder than they need to be. The Duda site editor breaks sections down into rows and columns. Editing specific items within these can get confusing if you click on the wrong area. And placing items where you think they should go isn’t as intuitive as it could be.

Since a lot of the extra features Duda comes with are geared toward individuals creating multiple sites for their clients, all the bells and whistles might be confusing to navigate. So, if you’re a small business owner needing to make your own site, this might feel frustrating and may even hold your site back.

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Duda offers three main pricing plans: Basic, Team, and Agency. Keep in mind that the prices listed are based on annual plans and plans billed month-to-month will be higher.

Duda vs Wix.

Duda also offers ecommerce plans as an add-on to its general plans. Here is a quick peek at what Duda offers. Again, keep in mind that the prices listed are for annual subscriptions.

Duda vs Wix.


  • All Duda templates come stocked with a wide variety of widgets you can add to suit your needs, or you can even build your own.
  • The Duda templates offer attractive designs, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can still create a sleek website.
  • The Duda website builder keeps things simple by sticking to design guidelines for each template, allowing you to build a website in minutes.


  • Duda has no free plan. This can get costly quickly, especially if you need to connect ecommerce capabilities to your plan.
  • Outside of design features, Duda doesn’t offer much in the way of powerful website features, especially in terms of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • If total creative freedom is what you want, Duda may not be for you. Its templates can be clunky and even confusing if you try to push them past their simple limits.


Duda actually doesn’t offer any straight-up ecommerce plans. Instead, it offers supplemental ecommerce plans as subscriptions you pay for on a monthly or annual basis in addition to your current Duda website plan. So you must first have a Duda plan and then add on an ecommerce option. 

The Duda ecommerce subscriptions are pretty versatile, with even the lowest plan allowing for quite a lot of products. Duda has over 40 ways to accept and process payments, and it never takes a transaction fee. You can also sell on social marketplaces like Facebook and Instagram and, at higher plans, you can connect your store to Amazon and eBay.

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Templates and Themes

Duda comes with close to 100 templates. Not only is there a quick quiz upon signing up that will guide you towards templates that might be a good fit, but there’s also a handy search feature to help you narrow down the templates you prefer. All Duda templates include pre-made content to help you visualize the possibilities. 

Duda allows you to save a library full of different templates as well as easily transfer all your information from one to another. But, doing so will require you to review your site carefully and troubleshoot any issues created during the transfer. 

You can always change the appearance of your template without swapping it for a separate template. The Duda website builder makes it easy to personalize and update almost any aspect of your site, allowing you to experiment with fonts, colors, and layouts until you create your ideal site.

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Apps and Plugins

Duda stumbles a bit in this category. The Duda site editor comes with many widgets built into it, allowing you to easily add useful features to your site. But it is definitely lacking in the apps department. Currently, it has only 10 apps to offer its users, with at least three of them being different software scheduling options. Not the most impressive variety.

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Ease of Use

As a highly adaptable hosting platform, Wix makes it simple to create and manage your business website. To make things as streamlined as possible for its users, Wix offers website hosting, domain names, apps, and additional software, everything a small business owner needs.

Wix uses an excellent drag-and-drop editor, allowing for complete control as you create your new website. Adding and placing elements, pages, and content exactly where you want them to go on your site is as easy as the click of your mouse. 

The one drawback here, for people who may like some variety, is that once you have chosen your template you can’t swap it out for a new one. Although this can make future changes difficult, Wix is still super easy to use. Even an absolute beginner will find this web builder to be intuitive and useful.

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Wix makes things a tiny bit complicated here by offering two categories of hosting plans: Website Plans and Business & Ecommerce Plans. Only Business & Ecommerce Plans offer any ecommerce features, making the Website Plans best for individuals and entrepreneurs who don’t need online transactions.

Duda vs Wix.

Duda vs Wix.


  • The Wix drag-and-drop editor offers you a true sense of control, making it easy to get the exact website you want.
  • Wix has a free plan, as well as a 14-day free trial for testing out any upgraded plans before you buy them.
  • Wix offers popular services like appointment booking and membership features at all Business & Ecommerce plan tiers. Most of these are apps you would have to pay for with other competitors, including Duda.

  • With more than 800 templates and several different price points for plans, Wix has something to offer most any business.


  • Wix has some mixed customer reviews, which suggest that some tasks are not as simple as they’re advertised to be.
  • Wix also hasn’t completely synced its mobile capabilities, meaning not all sites can be viewed well on all devices.


To accept payments and sell items in your online store, you must have one of the Wix Business & Ecommerce Plans. There are several pricing plans in this tier. 

Wix Business & Ecommerce users can create customer accounts, offer payment plans, subscription services, and more. You can connect third-party payment operators like PayPal, or use Wix Payments for a small transaction fee.

However, there are limitations to the Wix ecommerce platform; read our Wix review for more information or if you'd like to see more options, check out our Wix competitors and alternatives guide.

Templates and Themes

With more than 800 templates, Wix ensures there is something for almost any small business. Wix has templates for service-based businesses like auto body shops, menu and ordering features for restaurants, as well as ecommerce functions for all types of online stores. 

However, you must choose wisely, since once you pick a template, it’s yours forever. Although, any template can always be edited to your exact preferences with the Wix website builder.

Unfortunately, Wix struggles with streamlining the mobile version of its websites. Some desktop-only features may appear on mobile devices viewing your site, causing some confusion for your customers. There are ways to hide these features and present an optimized version of your site on any device, but it takes some effort.

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Apps and Plugins

Wix has over 300 apps in its app library. Some are free, some offer limited-lite functionalities for a low cost, others are premium with a price tag to match. The Wix app library is always growing and adding more of what its users need. But, not all the apps have good ratings. Be sure to read the reviews to find the right fit for you.

Our Pick for Best Website Builder: Wix

Duda vs Wix.

With all the simplicity and its multiple pricing plan options, Wix is the clear winner, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Both Duda and Wix are drag-and-drop website builders, and Duda has some very competitive pricing tiers, but Wix pulls ahead by being intuitive, user-friendly, and significantly more streamlined.

Wix also offers more versatile customer support, has more available templates, and allows for total control over how your site looks. It even has a free plan if you’re not ready to upgrade just yet, and Wix has several pricing tiers to help grow alongside just about any business.

Duda, however, is geared towards web developers and designers creating websites for customers and clients. It is structured and organized to cater to the creation of multiple websites rather than the needs of the small business owner looking to do it themselves. 

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