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How To Design a Successful Services Page

Planning and creating your business website can prove challenging. Knowing what pages you need — and their specific goals — will help clarify their purpose, which can vary from business to business.

This article will help you make a successful Services page. We will provide a solid Services page layout as well as Services page examples. It’ll also discuss how this page ties into your business’s goals and overall website goals. By the end, you’ll have plenty of Services page design inspiration to create your own.

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Computer screen showing a services page.

Before You Begin

Knowing which website builder is a good fit for creating and publishing your business site will help clarify how you’ll craft your Services page. Refer to our Best Website Builder review to get started.

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Understanding the Goal of Your Services Page

The first part of planning a successful Services webpage for your business website involves having a general idea of what you’d like to accomplish and how you’d like to do so. You can then apply these goals to your Services page as well as your business website as a whole. 

Once established, these goals will help you decide how to design your Services page. They’ll also help you determine how to measure the success of your website and business.

Identifying Your Services Page Goals

Having clear intentions for your Services page will help you measure the effectiveness of your website. They also should reflect the aim of your business. Check out our What Makes a Good Website guide for a detailed breakdown of how best to identify these goals.

Once you know your business goals, it’s time to identify specific goals for your Services page. These will vary from business to business so finding objectives that support your brand will help you achieve overall success.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself to help you identify your Services page goals:

  • What type of business do you have? Even if your business offers goods or mainly focuses on ecommerce, having a solid handle on what you provide will help you better create an effective Services page. Are you a local florist, for example, who specializes in weddings and events? Understanding all the work you put into these events will inform what should go on your Services page. 
  • What kind of goods or services do you provide? As straightforward as it may seem to highlight your offered services on your Services page, it’s still important to know what niche they fill and why you offer them. If you’re a local shop selling goods, for example, it’s still important to know what you offer. What sets your products apart from the competition? Do you source unique materials? These all represent useful bits of information your future customers will want to know. 
  • What kind of growth and engagement do you want? Most likely, your Services page won’t be the final stop for your site visitors. Do you have a sales page to which you’d like to send them? Or, would you like them to sign up for a newsletter? Think of ways to keep visitors engaged with your business and website. 

Your answers to these questions will help clarify what type of Services page your business website needs. They’ll also help you plan how to design your Services page to support your goals.

After answering these questions, it’s time to connect your Services page objectives to a tangible way of measuring progress toward achieving them.

Using the right website builder for your business can make all the difference. Check out our Best Website Builder review to learn more.

Measuring Your Services Page’s Success

Having goals is a great start, but how will you know when you achieve them? A great way to ensure you reach your Services page goals involves making specific and measurable targets with tangible timelines and relevance.

  • Be Specific: A specific goal for your Services page might be to have 10 new customers per week make appointments via an online scheduling form on this page.
  • Make It Measurable: A measurable goal could involve collecting 50 new emails from a newsletter sign-up form on this page.
  • Make It Attainable: Possibly, the hardest part of dreaming big is ensuring your goals are reachable. If you’ve set a rather large goal, feel free to break it down into smaller, more achievable milestones. 
  • Stay Relevant: All of your Services page goals should help you reach the goals of your website and business. If you run a local, service-based business, you’ll especially need the goals of this page to stay on-brand. 
  • Ensure It’s Time-Based: Setting a deadline for specific goals provides a clear indicator of achievement. If you give yourself one month to schedule 20 appointments, you’ll know by the end of that month if you succeeded.

Once you have a set of goals specific to your Services page with a timeline, it’s essential to ensure they tie back to the overall goals of your website and business.

Aligning Services Page and Business Goals

Now that you better understand the goals of your Services page, make sure they’re relevant to both your business and website. Refer to our What Makes a Good Website guide to create clear intentions for your business site.

Set your Services page goals next to your business and website goals. Do your Services page goals support reaching your overall business goals? Will your Services page help you attain your website goals? If your Services page goals seem out of step, revise them to ensure everything aligns.

Determining Your Services Page’s Content and Design

Once you achieve harmony among your goals, it’s time to dive into what your Services page will need to successfully engage your target audience. We’ll discuss how your Services page’s content and design can help achieve this. 

While it may not be the first thing your site visitors will see, your Services page should still provide accurate and engaging information with a balance of creativity.

Designing the Best Structure

The structure of your Services page should highlight key information about the resources your business provides as well as help visitors find other pages with ease. A well-organized Services page can help keep visitors engaged while allowing them to find information quickly. 

Breaking your provided services into sections can create a streamlined design that will help visitors get a better grasp of what you offer. Empowering visitors to choose their own adventure with the information they’re most interested in will keep them engaged. 

Moreover, the flow of this page should lead visitors through a journey that tells them what you offer. If you need to list many services, it’s best to keep them itemized in a drop-down menu. This approach will enable visitors to scan the page and then click on what they most want to read.

You also should provide clear routes to help visitors move from their current location to where they want to go next. For example, it’s always a good idea to add internal links to other pages on your site with more information. Ideally, visitors should arrive at their desired location on your site after no more than three clicks.

Your Services page should feature engaging content as well as end with the necessary elements to achieve your goals. As a best practice, aim to finish this page with a call-to-action (CTA) like a button that invites people to “Call Now” or a link to “Schedule an Appointment.” These basic tools will help encourage visitors to become clients or customers.

For more information, check out our How To Strucutre a Website guide.

Creating Engaging Content

While you may need to include a lot of information on this page, finding the balance between “necessary” and “overwhelming” is the key to keeping visitors engaged. Clarifying what services you offer in a short description will help make this information digestible and compelling.

Ideally, the content of this page should highlight the benefits of doing business with you specifically. Discuss your qualifications, your history, and what makes your practices unique. Making this page professionally personal will help you engage with your target audience.

It may be best to stick to the relevant details of your business practices on this page. Feel free to add internal links to other pages that offer more information to avoid overwhelming visitors. 

Understanding your target audience is key. Knowing who you expect to engage with will help you better cater to their specific needs. Again, these visitors want to learn more about you and what you offer. Feel free to use this page to point them in the direction of your About Us page or blog for more information.

Another great way to encourage site visitors  to trust you and what you do involves linking to your Reviews page or adding some brief testimonials. Testimonials convert more visitors into customers than almost any other strategy. Building a sense of confidence between you and a future client is key to creating engaging content that’ll convince them to do business with you.

Incorporating Key Elements for Success

Beyond the essentials every good Services page needs to achieve its goals — like optimal structure and engaging content — you may want to include other key elements to meet your visitors’ needs. 

Here are several useful elements you can add to your Services page to promote its success:

  • Internal Links: These embedded links help visitors more easily navigate your website and should clearly communicate their destination.
  • Calls to Action: These commonly appear on buttons that invite site visitors to “Sign Up,” “Buy Now,” or take another action. Good CTA buttons to include on a Services page will encourage visitors to schedule an appointment or contact you to learn more.
  • Online Scheduling: More website builders now include this functionality within their templates for service-based businesses. It allows your visitors to fill out a form to book an appointment with you or your business. These flexible forms can include different types of appointments, such as a phone call, Zoom call, or even an in-person session. Customize away!
  • Contact Forms: These enable customers to sign up for newsletters, subscribe to a service, or simply send you a message. They’re another great way to interact with visitors and create a level of availability and trust.
  • Chat Boxes: This feature allows customers to chat with you or an employee, ask questions, take a quiz, or even add their details to a contact sheet. Having this feature throughout your site can not only encourage visitors to reach out, but also help them feel more at ease with contacting you to learn more.
  • Drop-Down Menus: These menus can help you keep large chunks of detailed information organized and digestible. Adding drop-down menu sections to your Services page can help keep the clutter down, and encourage visitors to engage with the content that most interests them.
  • Images: Professional-quality images of you, your team, and/or your services in action can help break up lengthy content and give visitors a better idea of what to expect. But, always ensure you have the right to use the photos you post to your website.
  • Social Media Feeds and Icons: Including easy access to your social media feeds can encourage site visitors to keep engaging with you even after they leave your site. If you use Instagram to visually communicate the bulk of what you do, adding this icon to — or embedding this feed directly on — your Services page can help drive customer engagement.

Adding these elements to your Services page will give you several tools to accurately measure your success while also improving your customers’ experience. Use these key elements to help tell the story of what you do, thoughtfully engage with your target audience, and collect the data you need to measure your achievements.

Reviewing Successful Services Page Examples

It’s often helpful to simply see success in action. Here are six examples of engaging Services pages built using various website builders. We’ll provide at last one visual for each as well as a brief explanation of what makes each of them so effective.

Successful GoDaddy Services Page Example

Services page example

Plant delivery and design company Juanita’s Plants has two separate Services pages on its website: one for each type of service it offers. Whether a site visitor seeks plant design services for an office or a new apartment, the layout remains the same for both pages.

Services page example

This simple format allows visitors to quickly find vital information. Underneath a summary of its services at the top, this company breaks the process down into three easy steps: consultation, follow-up, and delivery. Each step then lists basic, yet essential information. 

These pages both end with a CTA button that invites visitors to contact the team and begin the process of creating a beautiful space for their home or office. Social media icons appear directly below this CTA button, making it easy reference to follow the company along and peek at its previous work. 

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Successful Wix Services Page Example

Services page example

Proof that an ecommerce business also can use a Services page on its website, sustainable packaging company Puffin Packaging uses its “How It Works” page to outline important details about its goods and services.

This page includes multiple slider sections, enabling visitors to click through a carousel of images with useful information about the types of packaging the company offers. This approach presents these ideas in a visually compelling way that doesn’t overwhelm the page.

Services page example

Ending its Services page with multiple contact options, Puffin Packaging does a great job of ensuring it’s accessible and ready to answer questions and meet the needs of future clients. 

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Successful Shopify Services Page Example

Services page example

Leisurewear designer and brand L.DROBE uses its “Sustainability & Ethics” page to discuss the core ethos and practices behind the brand.

While not a traditional Services page, it does describe key reasons why visitors would want to become customers. This page also upholds some of the brand’s pillars discussed in the site’s “About Us” page. 

A layout that breaks the page down into sections makes it easy for visitors to find the information they seek. In addition, the inclusion of images throughout the page helps break up content and keep visitors visually engaged. 

This page ends with information on how to contact the company plus the logos of its key partners and industry certifications. These logos provide customers with additional information as to why they should choose L.DROBE’s  products.

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Successful WordPress Services Page Example

Services page example

Branding and digital agency RUYA does several things very well within its Services page. A left-hand navigation menu, for example, provides quick access to different parts of this page for visitors who want to skip ahead. 

Each section includes a brief blurb that describes the service along with a corresponding internal link that’ll take visitors to a page with more information on the topic.  

A link to “Case Studies” appears at the bottom of the page. This takes site visitors to a gallery full of featured works across several different services and industries. This enables RUYA to continue to engage with its online visitors while showcasing all it has to offer.

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Successful Weebly Services Page Example

Services page example

Financial planning company We Talk Money uses its Services page to not only outline the bulk of what it does, but also encourage visitors to become clients with several CTA buttons.

This page begins and ends with customer testimonials — a personal touch that helps foster trust. While each blurb about the available services doesn’t go into intense detail, it does give an easy-to-understand overview of what this company provides.

Services page example

Beneath the final testimonial, a CTA button invites visitors to “Schedule a Call.” Rounding out this successful Services page is a way to download a free retirement-planning guide and several other ways to contact or stay updated on all things We Talk Money.

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Successful Squarespace Services Page Example

Services page example

Full-service design and custom building company Prenvalley Builders uses its Services page to give visitors a better peek at the quality craftsmanship it offers.

The top of the page features a succinct summary of the services this company offers followed by more details on its three-step process for interacting with clients. The rest of the page features separate sections focused on different build offerings — from accessory dwelling units to remodels and more. After each section, a CTA button encourages visitors to contact the company and schedule a consultation.

At the bottom of this page, a link to the site’s “About Us” page enables visitors to easily find more information on the story behind this company. In addition, the footer includes the company’s social media icons, phone number, and hours of operation. That makes it easy for visitors to follow or contact Prenvalley Builders for more information.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have the necessary tools to start crafting a successful Services page for your business website, it’s time to find the right website builder. Read our Best Website Builder review to determine which platform will work best for you.

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